Below is a list of all OICF funds accepting donations. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 360-376-6423 or email We welcome contributions by check or grants through other foundations; send to OICF, PO Box 1496, Eastsound, WA 98245. Thank you for your generosity!

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name Description
OICF Other Fund
OICF Community Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Include “ALL IN WA” in the recognition field to be matched 100% before July 8th. This fund ensures essential supports remain available throughout the Orcas community as needs arise during times of crisis and/or emergencies.
OICF Endowment OICF's community endowment to enhance and preserve the quality of life on Orcas Island.
OICF Marilyn Anderson Excellence
OISD Environmental Club
PIP Community Action
PiP Partners in Philanthropy Contributions to this fund will be allocated by the OICF Grants Committee to ensure the highest priority needs are fully funded. You are the key to the Orcas tradition of neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you!
OICF Operations
OICF Cornerstone Annual donation of $1000 or more to OICF in support of our mission.
OICF Foundation Fund To support OICF programs and operations. Select this fund to pay for registration fees or to support our general operations.
Donor Advised Funds
Artistic Angels
Cristine Chandler Family Memorial Fund In memory of Cristine Chandler to support charitable activities.
MAG Music Advocacy Group Fund To supplement choral and instrumental music programs in the Orcas Public Schools.
Orcas Families Senior Housing Fund To support Orcas Families Senior Housing.
Orcas LGBT Fund To support Orcas LGBT and it's mission.
Community Funds
Animal Protection Society Animal Protection Society Endowment Fund
Animal Protection Society Unrestricted To support day-to-day operations of the animal shelter.
Chamber of Commerce Fireworks Fund To support the 4th of July fireworks display in Eastsound
Deer Harbor Fireworks Fund To support the 4th of July fireworks display in Deer Harbor
Dickenson/Stamnes Memorial To support the Orcas Island Skate Park.
Doris M Brain Orcas Island Library Fund To support the Orcas Island Library
Early Childhood Education Initiative ECEI
Funhouse Commons Endowment To provide a safe and enjoyable gathering place for Orcas youth.
Henigson Funhouse Scholarship Fund This fund shall be used to support college scholarships. Each year, a committee appointed by the Funhouse Commons will select a student from the graduating class of the Orcas Island School District to receive an $8000 scholarship, renewable for three additional years based on student eligibility.
Hobie Alter Scholarship Fund
Horowitz Fine Arts Fund To promote the arts on Orcas Island.
Hughes Family Endowment Fund
Island Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI) To support all medical clinics on Orcas to provide confidential, affordable, reproductive health care for teens and young women.
Jim Keyes School Sports To support K-12 sports at the public school.
Kids and Canoes Fund This fund will buy a 40 ft canoe. Then we will create a program for Lummi and Orcas kids to paddle together and get to know each other. Info:
Kiwanis Club Youth Benefit Fund To support Kiwanis Club youth activities.
Library: Chantiny Memorial Fund To support the Orcas Island Public Library operations.
Library: Glidden Family Library Fund To support collection acquisitions at the Orcas Public Library.
Library: Gropper Memorial Fund To acquire books and materials for the Orcas Public Library.
Library: Lundeen Book Fund To increase purchasing power for the Orcas Island Public Library's print book collection.
Library: Moran Memorial Fund To support the Orcas Island Public Library.
Library: Orcas Island Public Library To support lifelong learning through the Orcas Island Public Library.
Library Park Endowment Fund To support care and maintenance of Library Park.
Library: Schwarz Childrens Book Fund To acknowledge the need for excellence in children's book selection at the Orcas Public Library.
Library: Stupke Fund To augment the Library's collection of materials in all formats.
MAG Joyce Burghardt Excellence in Music Fund To support student music skills on Orcas Island
Marian A Berdan Scholarship Fund Scholarship fund in memory of Marian A Berdan.
OICMF: Anders Concert Sponsorship To sponsor two Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival concerts annually.
OICMF: Anders Staff Support Fund To support Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival payroll expenses.
OICMF: Board Designated Bob Henigson Fund
OICMF John F Hogan Jr Board Designated Hospitality Fund
OICMF Lopez Island Music Enrichment Endowment To provide current income and long-term funding for the operations of the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival activities on Lopez and Orcas Islands.
OICMF: Lundgren Legacy Artist Fund To support selected artist fees for each Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival season.
OICMF Music Education Endowment Fund To support music educational opportunities through the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival.
OICMF Stage Management Endowment Fund To help pay, as needed, the costs associated with the Beneficiary's Stage Management, Stage Assistants, and/or Stage Technical Staff (such as: lighting, sound or audio visual) for Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival.
OISD Academic Excellence To support academic programs within the Orcas Island School District in two areas: vocational education, and expanded programming for students who may be on a college track.
OISD Early Reading Intervention Project To support Summer reading programs.
Olga Park Fund To provide for the purchase, development, maintenance and expansion of property known as The Olga Park.
Olga Strawberry Council Fund
Orcas Center - Dixon Mem. To fund youth programming at Orcas Cener.
Orcas Center - Dot Bolles To support classical music programs at Orcas Center.
Orcas Center Endowment To help fund operations at Orcas Center.
Orcas Center Stickney Designated Endowment For maintenance and capital expenses at Orcas Center and for other community theater expenses.
Orcas Center Velma Doty Endowment
Orcas Island Children's House Endowment To support the charitable, scientific, or educational purposes of Orcas Island Children's House.
Orcas Island Food Bank Short-Term Fund To support the Orcas Island Food Bank.
Orcas Island Garden Club Fund To support Orcas Island Garden Club activities.
Orcas Island Garden Club Program Endowment To retain speakers and presentations for Garden Club meetings.
Orcas Island Historical Society Endowment To provide long-term financial security at the Historical Museum.
Orcas Senior Center To support the Orcas Senior Center.
Orcas Senior Center Endowment To support the Orcas Senior Center.
Outdoor Education of Orcas Youth To support outdoor education for Orcas youth to be spent out in 10 years
PiP Focus Area Dental Van To support focus area granting in the are of dental care on Orcas.
Roach Youth Activities To benefit island youth activities.
Sail Orcas This fund shall be used to support the activities of Sail Orcas.
San Juan County Farm Fund To support development of a sustainable local food system in San Juan County.
Thurman Bond Scholarship Fund
Viking Fund To support school sports.
Agency Funds
Library: Friends of Orcas Island Library To assist the Friends of the Library.
Other Funds