Below is a list of all OICF funds accepting donations. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 360-376-6423 or email We welcome contributions by check or grants through other foundations; send to OICF, PO Box 1496, Eastsound, WA 98245. Thank you for your generosity!

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Actors Theater of Orcas Island Theatrical Performing Arts Fund
Animal Protection Society
Animal Protection Society Trap Fund
Animal Protection Society Unrestricted
Artistic Angels
Chamber of Commerce Fireworks Fund
Cristine Chandler Family Memorial Fund
Deer Harbor Fireworks Fund
Dickenson/Stamnes Memorial
Doris M Brain Orcas Island Library Fund
Early Childhood Education Initiative ECEI
Exchange Phoenix Fund
Funhouse Commons Board Designated Fund
Funhouse Commons Endowment
Gayle Keith-Ashley Corbin Fund
Henigson Funhouse Scholarship Fund
Hobie Alter Scholarship Fund
Horowitz Fine Arts Fund
Hughes Family Endowment Fund
IRHI Endowment Fund
Island Market Donor Advised Fund
Island Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI)
Jim Keyes School Sports
Kaylor Family
Kids and Canoes Fund
Kiwanis Club Youth Benefit Fund
Library: Chantiny Memorial Fund
Library: Friends of Orcas Island Library
Library: Glidden Family Library Fund
Library: Gropper Memorial Fund
Library: Lundeen Book Fund
Library: Moran Memorial Fund
Library: Orcas Island Public Library
Library Park Endowment Fund
Library: Schwarz Childrens Book Fund
Library: Stupke Fund
Lopez Island Friends of Chamber Music
MAG Joyce Burghardt Excellence in Music Fund
MAG Music Advocacy Group Fund
Marian A Berdan Scholarship Fund
OICF Community Emergency Response Fund (CERF)
OICF Community Emergency Response Long-Term Solutions Fund
OICF Compensation Fund
OICF Cornerstone
OICF Endowment
OICF Foundation Fund
OICF Marilyn Anderson Excellence
OICF Shelter Resource Fund
OICMF: Anders Concert Sponsorship
OICMF Anders Reserve Fund
OICMF: Anders Staff Support Fund
OICMF: Board Designated Bob Henigson Fund
OICMF: Board Designated Eileen Bryant Memorial Fund
OICMF Board Designated Fund
OICMF Invested Reserve Fund
OICMF John F Hogan Jr Board Designated Hospitality Fund
OICMF Lopez Island Music Enrichment Endowment
OICMF: Lundgren Legacy Artist Fund
OICMF Martin Friedmann Legacy Fund
OICMF Music Education Endowment Fund
OICMF Stage Management Endowment Fund
OISD Academic Excellence
OISD Early Reading Intervention Project
OISD Environmental Club
OISD Public Education Fund (Henigson)
Olga Park Fund
Olga Strawberry Council Fund
Orcas Center - Dixon Mem.
Orcas Center - Dot Bolles
Orcas Center Endowment
Orcas Center Stickney Designated Endowment
Orcas Center Velma Doty Endowment
Orcas Community Resource Center Designated Fund (OCRC)
Orcas Families Senior Housing Fund
Orcas Island Children's House Endowment
Orcas Island Food Bank Fund
Orcas Island Food Bank Short-Term Fund
Orcas Island Garden Club Fund
Orcas Island Garden Club Program Endowment
Orcas Island Historical Society Endowment
Orcas LGBT Fund
Orcas Senior Center
Orcas Senior Center Endowment
Outdoor Education of Orcas Youth
PIP Community Action
PiP Focus Area Dental Van
PiP Partners in Philanthropy
Realtors of Orcas Island Scholarship Fund
Roach Youth Activities
Sail Orcas
San Juan County Farm Fund
Thurman Bond Scholarship Fund
Viking Fund